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CESSE offers recordings of past webinars as a member benefit to help you in your professional development.  

Webinar Recordings for STEM Society Professionals

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Find solutions for your STEM societies by browsing our past webinars. CESSE Members can log in to CESSE Communities and visit the Webinar Group to access the recordings. 

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Webinar recordings include:

Advocacy & Governance 
  • Advocacy Efforts in the Virtual World (Feb. 2021)
  • Good Governance in a Virtual Reality (Apr. 2020)
  • Governance Essentials for Association Staff (May 2023)
  • Keep Bicycling with Your Board: Effective Recruitment and Training (Apr. 2022)
  • Legal Governance Challenges for Associations During a Pandemic (Sep. 2021)
  • Reducing Uncertainty with Scenario Planning (May 2020)
  • Understanding the Complex Web of U.S. Sanctions and Their Impact on Your Organization (May 2021)
Diversity + Equity + Inclusion 
  • Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Through Action (Nov. 2019)
  • An Antiracist Framework for the STEM Society Workplace (Apr. 2021)
  • Ethical Leadership for Engineering and Scientific Society Executives (Jun. 2019)
  • Executive Order 13950 and How It Could Impact STEM Societies (Oct. 2020)
  • Implicit Bias and Unconscious Inclusion (Jan. 2022)
Education & Training 
  • CEU is King & Membership is Queen: NSH’s New Member Model Case Study (Aug. 2021)
  • Crafting Your User’s Learning Experience (Nov. 2021)
  • Educational Content 2020: How Associations Deliver it Today and What's Over the Horizon (Apr. 2019)
  • Using AI Effectively and Ethically within Associations (Apr. 2023)

Finance + HR + Administration 
  • Future of Work (Feb. 2023)
  • How to Prioritize Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace (Jun. 2022)
  • Office Settings: Important Reopening Considerations During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Sep. 2020)
  • Responding to Complaints of Harassment – How to Conduct an Effective Internal Investigation (May 2023)
  • Responsible Investments for Nonprofits: What to Consider Before Investing (Oct. 2021)
  • The Not So Roaring '20s? What the Decade May Have in Store for Nonprofit Reserve Funds (May 2020)
  • The Workplace Needs Work (Aug. 2021)
Marketing & Communications 
  • Good to GREAT: STEM Society Websites That Work (Jun. 2023)
  • How You Can Improve Collaboration with Your Virtual Team (Jun. 2020)
  • So You Want to Start a Podcast – Considerations of Where to Begin (Mar. 2021)
Meeting & Exhibits 
  • 10 Powerful Ways to Make Your Next Event More Sustainable (Mar. 2022)
  • COVID-19: Legal Strategies for Association Meetings (Mar. 2020)
  • How to Pivot and Create a Virtual Event in the Face of Challenge (Apr. 2020)
  • Lessons Learned from the APS Virtual Meeting (Jun. 2020)
  • Planning & Delivering Successful Events in 2021-22 (Aug. 2021)
  • Road-mapping the next normal for conference success (Oct. 2020)
  • The Canadian border is finally open. So, what’s next? (Sep. 2021)
  • What You Need to Know About Working with a CVB (May 2019)
  • Where sustainability is not just an option…it is a state of mind (Jun. 2021)
  • Best Practices for Creating a Member Engagement Scoring Model (Nov. 2020)
  • Consumer is Boss: Understanding Member Needs as a Path to Growth & Sustainability (May 2022)
  • Micro-volunteering: What is it and how to create a successful program (Apr. 2021)
  • Reinventing the Membership Experience to Increase Member Value (Jan. 2020)
  • The Secret to Powerful Surveys (Feb. 2020)
  • Navigating Through the Fog of Plan S (Sep. 2019)
  • Transparency in Peer Review (Aug. 2021)

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