Canada is powering a positive event legacy

Montréal, Québec: Credit Mathieu Dupuis


Business events can unleash positive ripple effects that are felt long after they end and delegates return home—from opening the door to transformative collaborations and unlocking investment opportunities, to attracting top-notch talent and spurring innovation.

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ACCESSE24 Leadership Conference Announces Brandon Lista as Closing Keynote Speaker

The Council of Engineering and Scientific Society Executives (CESSE) is thrilled to announce Brandon Lista, a renowned storyteller, educator, and community animator, as the closing keynote speaker for the ACCESSE24 Leadership Conference, taking place from July 23–25 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

With a unique background in engineering and education, Brandon Lista offers a fresh perspective on the art of storytelling. He believes that this ancient practice is crucial for helping professionals become better communicators and problem solvers in today's complex world. 

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All By Myself: The New Value of Attending In-Person Conferences

A show of hands: Does anyone else feel a bit conflicted about virtual work? On one hand, I love that my home is close to my yoga studio, and I can finally make their 5:15 pm classes. But I do miss connecting with my colleagues daily in a physical office. And now that I am in the role of mentor at my organization, I see how the lack of daily interaction can hinder the development and "visibility" of my younger employees. That’s why industry events like CESSE’s ACCESSE Leadership Conference are more important than ever. 

I attended my first ACCESSE last year in Detroit, MI. While initially, I thought my excitement was from attending my first post-pandemic industry event, I quickly realized my excitement was an immediate sense of belonging and feeling understood by my peers in attendance. I've attended other association-focused events but being amongst the scientific community [at ACCESSE] felt different. They understood the challenges of running an international organization, the challenges of running a large organization, and the challenges of non-commerciality in an increasingly commercial world. The list goes on. 

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ACCESSE24 Leadership Conference Announces Dr. Eugenia Addy as Opening Keynote Speaker

CESSE (The Council of Engineering and Scientific Society Executives) is thrilled to announce Dr. Eugenia Addy, CEO of Visions of Science, as the opening keynote speaker for the ACCESSE24 Leadership Conference, set to take place from July 23–25 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

Dr. Addy is a distinguished scientist, educator, and social entrepreneur with a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Toronto. She brings over 15 years of experience in developing youth initiatives across more than 40 communities, advocating for equitable STEM access and community transformation. 

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5 Reasons STEM Society Executive Leaders Should Support Their Staff's Attendance at ACCESSE

As a nonprofit leader, I prioritize supporting my staff, recognizing that the most valuable resource of any organization is its people. This support takes various forms, with continuous learning and networking standing out as indispensable tools for organizational and staff growth and success. That's why we made the decision to send our entire team to the ACCESSE23 Leadership Conference in Detroit last year.  

ACCESSE offers a unique platform for development and networking, particularly beneficial for nonprofit staff across various levels in STEM societies and associations. Indeed, this conference holds significant value for organizations and their staff alike. 

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5.5 Things I Take Away from ACCESSE

Six years ago, I was starting a new job; I’d done the association thing before (I live in DC—they let you reach into a hat and randomly select a career pathway between government, contractors, associations, NGOs and fancy burger restaurants) but this was my first time in a STEM society. On about my fifth day, our ED said, “I’d like to send you to this conference, help you get a better understanding of how these organizations work and get some ideas for the job.” I said, “cool, but it starts next week, and also what’s a ’Sess?’” 

I’ve now been to ACCESSE three times, and I’m looking forward to my fourth. And I mean looking forward. I had the dates highlighted on my calendar ever since I got back from Detroit! Why?  

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Meet the ACCESSE24 Speakers

The Council of Engineering and Scientific Society Executives (CESSE) is thrilled to unveil the lineup of speakers confirmed for the upcoming ACCESSE24 Leadership Conference, set to take place from July 23-25, 2024, at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel. 

As the premier event tailored for STEM society professionals, ACCESSE24 promises to provide attendees with unparalleled insights, dynamic discussions, and actionable strategies to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with the goal of sustaining our collective impact.  

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Make the breakthroughs you need with trailblazing visionaries

Credit: Destination Vancouver

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Circularity: The Biggest Shift for Trade Shows in 2024

Circularity: The Biggest Shift for Trade Shows in 2024

This article was written by Jack Macleod and originally posted by Smart Meetings on December 19, 2023.

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An Opportunity to Connect with STEM Society Leaders

Reflecting on the Success of the 2024 CESSE CEO Meeting 

In the dynamic landscape of STEM societies, leadership isn't merely about steering organizations; it's about navigating complexities, fostering innovation, and driving meaningful change. Recognizing the pivotal role CEOs and Executive Directors play in shaping the trajectory of their respective organizations, the CESSE CEO Meeting stands as the premier event dedicated to empowering these leaders with the tools, insights, and connections needed to thrive. 

An Immersive Journey of Leadership Excellence

From February 25th to 28th, 2024, The Desoto Savannah in Georgia became the nexus of leadership excellence as CEOs and Executive Directors from diverse STEM societies converged for the 2024 CESSE CEO Meeting. This gathering wasn't just another conference; it was an immersive journey designed to foster growth, collaboration, and transformation. 

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CESSE Announces Premier Partnership with Destination Canada for 2024


[Chicago, IL January 29, 2024] — The Council of Engineering and Scientific Society Executives (CESSE) proudly announces an influential partnership with Destination Canada for 2024, including the 2024 CEO Meeting and ACCESSE Conference. This collaboration between two leaders in their respective fields aims to elevate the experience for professionals in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) societies. 

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How Socio-Cultural Sustainability Fosters Unforgettable Events

More than ever, delegates are considering the sustainability and authenticity of the business events they attend. 

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Destination Canada: 10 Ways to Keep Your Sustainable Event on Budget

With an overwhelming number of organizations around the world investing in sustainability, the message is clear—sustainability is here to stay, so get on board or get left behind. Soon, holding an unsustainable event will not be good enough. But in a world of rising costs, how can we implement sustainability measures and stay on budget?

In 2023, Destination Canada hosted its first ever carbon neutral event, Innovate Canada in Waterloo, Ontario—on budget. To help guide you, here are 10 simple, cost-effective ways we found to make your event more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

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SocialOffset: Rebalancing the Energy of the World

Have you had to plan or attend an event at a location that conflicts with your core values?

You may be grappling with how you can still serve your profession and community while supporting the causes that are important to you. SocialOffset is an inspired idea that is helping communities in their efforts to rebalance the energy of the world.

SocialOffset is a non-profit organization created to provide event organizers and their attendees with an option other than boycotting a destination where local legislation and laws are not in alignment with their individual values. The tool offsets the economic impact of their event or stay in a city. The “offset” is realized when an attendee elects to donate to a recommended and vetted list of local charities and/or organizations that support those impacted by local laws that may be against the attendee’s personal values.

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