Events and Conferences for STEM Society Professionals

CESSE events provide CAE credits, STEM society professional education, and powerful networking

Exchange Ideas with Your Experts and Peers in Association Management

CESSE offers its members online and in-person forums for exchanging information about their experiences and a venue for addressing the problems, challenges, and opportunities they face in operating their societies. CESSE's greatest resource is its members' wisdom and experience. Learn how you can take advantage of CESSE events and other membership benefits.


The CESSE CEO Meeting is a three-day annual meeting open for attendance by senior (CEO level) members only. The meeting is scheduled in late February or early March and follows a Sunday-Wednesday pattern. The meeting includes general sessions, breakout meetings, and networking events. The attendees are Executive Directors or CEOs from our member organizations, as well as sponsors/suppliers. The purpose of the meeting is to allow CEOs to interact and learn from like-minded peers who are on the same level, face the same challenges, and share the same successes.  

ACCESSE Leadership Conference

ACCESSE is the CESSE leadership conference that allows for the exchange of information between CEOs, aspiring CEOs, senior staff who are passionate about growing their skills, knowledge, abilities, and leadership teams of scientific and engineering societies. It is a forum where attendees share their experiences and a venue for addressing problems, challenges, and opportunities they face in operating their societies. Combined with thought leadership, immersive experiential learning, and expertise in managing engineering and scientific associations, ACCESSE is the only conference where leaders of scientific and engineering societies get new perspectives, develop new ideas, and connect with CESSE's greatest resource - the CESSE members and partners.

Webinars on Important Topics in Society Management

CESSE webinars offer members an opportunity to learn between face-to-face events. Webinars are FREE to members.