Partner with CESSE


With approximately 1,000 professional members representing nearly 200 associations in the engineering and scientific disciplines, the return on a CESSE partnership is extremely valuable. As a partner, you have access to our audience of association CEOs and decision-makers within the context of our close community that members highly value.

The combined memberships of all CESSE organizations total more than 4 million, representing more than $1 billion in annual meeting, convention, and ancillary business.

Build Your Brand and Your Network with CESSE

Networking leads to relationships, and by engaging with the CESSE membership, your organization will have access to association leaders, and your insights and knowledge together with the expertise of our leaders help to shape the industry. CESSE members have created a tight-knit community and utilize each other's expertise and experience. Build loyalty among these knowledge seekers and decision-makers by becoming a CESSE partner. 

A Word from Our Partners

"MultiView has been a sponsor of CESSE for several years now, and it’s one of the most rewarding sponsorships to date. Not only do we get to support CESSE by hosting their Afterglow Party, but we also reap the benefits by showcasing who MultiView is to the engineering, technical and scientific societies/associations. The sponsorship has allowed us to generate new relationships with these highly-trusted organizations, all while growing our relationships with existing partners. Needless to say, being a sponsor of CESSE has allowed us to increase our brand visibility to this niche community and we’re grateful for that"

-Michael Candela, EVP Partnerships, MultiView Inc.

As I think about our journey as a firm, particularly as we approach the end of this really difficult year, there is simply no other community that’s meant as much to our success.” 

-Jay Younger, FASAE, President & CEO, McKinley Advisors 

Partnership Opportunities

Custom Programs

If your organization is looking for the furthest reach into the CESSE community, we are prepared to work with you to develop a custom program that meets your marketing objectives while providing essential revenue for CESSE to best pursue its mission. CESSE partners are recognized on the CESSE website and through various other channels depending on the level and type of commitment. 

CEO Meeting and ACCESSE

  • The CESSE CEO Meeting is an educational and networking event that draws a top-notch audience of association CEOs, giving partnering organizations preferred access and the opportunity to interact with current and potential future customers. There are several available opportunities the upcoming meeting.
  • The ACCESSE Leadership Conference offers a dynamic program and several social functions that further enhance the value of this meeting for CEOs and senior management staff from engineering and scientific associations.  

Please contact Adrianne Stokes, Partnership Manager, for further information at [email protected]

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